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BB Tropical Roots Locking Gel 6oz Summary information and purchase

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Item # #1262326425-4425
Brand BB
BB ( view more)
Capacity 6FL OZ/177ml
Package Type Jar
Price $7.68 $4.76

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Product description

BB Tropical Roots Locking Gel new with Pineapple and Guava contains natural tropical ingredients to begin and maintain healthy, lightweight braids, locks and twists keeping the hair frizz free with a natural luster. Tropical Roots is filled with stimulating agents that promote growth. Unlike other locking products, Tropical Roots doesn't have any dyes or artificial colors. The reddish color comes from a powerful hair vitamin that is also a brain nutrient. Directions: To begin or maintain locks/twists, apply Tropical Roots Locking Gel to damp unlocked hair. Use a comb, fingertips or the palm rolling technique to twist new growth clockwise. Use clips to hold twists and sections in place. Next, sit under dryer until twists are completely dry. Proceed to use Tropical Roots Growth Oil on scalp and twists for longer lasting styles, manageability, moisture, luster and to promote hair growth.

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