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Freetress Synthetic Half Wig - DRAWSTRING FULLCAP - SOPHIA GIRL Summary information and purchase

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Item # #1262325217-3217
Brand Freetress - Fullcap Drawstring
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Not to be confused with FREETRESS EQUAL Full cap line, the FREETRESS Full cap line is the original Full cap line from Shake-N-Go.

What's the difference? EQUAL FreeTress can be heat styled at high temperatures such as 400 degrees. Regular FreeTress can be heat styled but ONLY at a very low heat setting at 90-100 degrees. The hair fiber seems a little bit finer or shinier than the EQUAL Full Cap styles. But function wise they are the same.

They are both half wigs, but they also come with drawstrings to be used as a ponytail piece.

But as we were looking at this wig from another angle, we realized that this was a great natural transition piece. All you have to do is slick back your front hair to cover the wig edges and you're done. There's no braiding, no wig cap, not much of anything else to do but just comb over.

In fact, the Sophia girl comes with very wide toothed comb in the front and back. One 5 inch wide comb in the front and two 2 inches wide combs in the back. And it's stretchy! It's like...the elastic band method for closures only in a cap version? There's minimal traction on your natural hair, easy to put on and take off, and it's cheap? Starting to really appreciate the good ol' full cap lines.

The only thing you need to remember is that 'half wigs' and 'full cap' may theoretically have the same functions, but 'half wigs' are literally half the size of a regular wig cap. Thus, you will need to use more of your own hair to blend. Whereas 'full caps' are half wigs in function but full sized cap for size. See the difference?

Now on to Sophia Girl: I doubt that many of us are naturally type 2C or 3A. That doesn't mean we don't appreciate its loose curls and waves. Sometimes those full wigs are just too heavy or too much to wear. This is quick simple and easy. She's 13 inches long in the back and 8 inches long in the front.

Freetress Synthetic Half Wig - DRAWSTRING FULLCAP - SOPHIA GIRL

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