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Wave Nouveau Shape Transformer Conditioning Wrap Lotion 15.5oz Summary information and purchase

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Item # #1262326533-4533
Brand Wave Nouveau
Wave Nouveau ( view more)
Capacity 16.9OZ/500ml
Package Type Bottle
Price $14.40 $8.93

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Product description

Shape Transformer Conditioning Wrap Lotion is the second phase in the permanent wave system. For use with the wave nouveau coiffure body perm system instructions. This liquid gel selectively conditions and moisturizes hair during the wrapping process. ※ directions: Wear gloves during application. Protect patron's skin, eyes and ears while wrapping. - After straightening patron's hair with Wave Nouveau coiffure phase shape release, rinse hair well with tepid water. Towel blot. - Section the hair for wrapping. Using desired rods apply wave nouveau cokffure phase2 shape transformer to each section of hair. Reapply phase 2 shape transformer as needed to keep hair from drying out. - Upon completion of the wrap, blot away any excess product. Place a cotton strip around the hairline and a processing cap over the entire head. Allow phase 2 shape transformer to process for 10 minutes. - After 10 minutes processing time, remove cap and cotton and check for sufficient "s" pattern. If desired wave pattern is achieved, rinse hair on rods thoroughly for 5 to 10 minutes using tepid water. If the desired wave pattern is not achieved replace cap and check again every 3 minutes. - After thorough rinsing, Towel blot each each individual rod to eliminate any excess water left in hair. - Apply wave nouveau coiffure phase 3 shape lock conditioning neutralizer and follow directions carefully.

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